Tuesday, July 27, 2010

And now for something completely different...

Productivity junkies might like to take a look at Erik Lorraine's stylish Sources. Erik has devised a rather beautiful personal Kanban system.

He shows it off, with some genuine insights, in a site which is gloriously free of concessions to his users. His technical choices seem designed to frighten off the unwary, unworthy passer by. He revels in the process of accessing his site before giving away what you might find there.

Wonderful, wonderful stuff for the true seeker after enlightenment.

And a lesson in valuing differences.

Falling off

Having written nothing here for two months, it is not surprising that the level of interest has fallen off. I am amazed to find that the usual suspects (I suspect) are still popping in from time to time on the off-chance that I may have roused from my torpor and made some witty and insightful contribution. As time has gone on, that has become less and less likely for two reasons:

  1. I'm embarrassed. "Come in and get your beating, sonny. But first, let's hear your sad excuse for being an hour late for school." "(sniffle) I don't have one, sir. Even though I've been sitting here trying and trying to think of one for fifty-five minutes."
  2. As I stop thinking of myself as a blogger, I stop noticing things to discuss. I become less interesting and life becomes duller.
Time to get back on.