Saturday, October 4, 2014

Tweeting not Twaining

Three months ago, I signed up for the Prince's Trust Palace to Palace cycle ride. I spammed many of you ruthlessly, and you have given generously to this excellent cause. They really do get on with the relentless grind of turning lives around.

I really did stick to the training plan for the first month. Honest! But then I had to return Sprog 5 from a muddy field near Winchester to his lair in Newcastle. And the Edinburgh fringe was just up the road. And the Edinburgh cycle paths are just confusing.

And then there was that week in Lewis with my mum. Only got in a couple of runs there.

And when I got back, there were events, dear boy-events. And then the big almost bust up. And Twitter suddenly got interesting...

So all in all, I'm very glad I only went for the 45 mile classic option.

The point of this is to welcome my new, discerning friends on Twitter who missed out on my earlier begging letters. If you are looking for a good home for your charity pound (or dollar), I still have giving opportunities.

To grab one of these, visit
and do what comes naturally. (Hint - big red donate button).

For those of you north of the border, perhaps this is a chance to take a short break from your disappointed dreams of freedom and come together with those of is in the south working for the common good. And destroy certain false and pernicious stereotypes about the generosity of the Scot.

For those of you who share my concern about poor Mrs May's bitter life, it is a chance to invest in a better life for her victims.

And indeed for everyone, it is a chance to do some good in the world.

The event will be tomorrow morning, Sunday 5 th October. I will be thinking of you. And wishing I'd done more training.