Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Childish things

Marjorie Daw
Johnnie shall have a new master
He shall have but a penny a day
Because he can't work any faster

Coming out of the shower the other day, brooding on this gloomy rhyme, I realised that I have never known who Ms Daw was, or how to spell her name. Is it actually a door of some sort, or just a nonsense filler?

We take on trust that the universe makes some sort of sense. That the things we don't understand still have a meaning, should we choose to dig it out. We learn at a very young age that there is much we don't know. We accept that it will support and nurture us.

But growing up is realising that the universe was not built around us; we need to do more than simply lap it up. We must work to secure what we need. If that comes to more than 1d/d, we will need to work faster.

The world is no longer a Paradise created for us. But we do have the power (and the duty) to build towards our own kingdom of God.

Here. Now.