Saturday, March 6, 2010

Deadlier than the mail?

Ace blogger Michael Wade at Execupundit riffs on the tyranny of email here. So naturally, I am considering my response at the usual leisurely pace. A few thoughts to start me off:

  1. email is more like a phone call than a letter
  2. an instant response need not be considered
  3. you will stand out if you do not respond instantly
  4. your inner lizard loves to respond instantly
  5. with the internet society, your inner lizard is having a really good time at the moment
  6. a lot of lizards reacting to one another form a flock
  7. when the lizards are the ones that sit between our brain and the rest of our nervous system, we call it a mob
  8. there are good aspects to the mob
  9. but sooner or later, we always get back to heads on spikes