Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Live Long and Prosper...

The always reliable Steve Wright was chatting to me this afternoon. My attention was temporarily diverted by the lovely dental hygienist to whom I attend all too infrequently. Returning my thoughts, sadder but wiser, to the Sage, I thought I heard him mention that eccentrics live longer and are happier than conformists.

Applying myself to Google upon my return, I find that not only is this a Published Fact, but it has been known for many years. Why was I not told? They probably felt it would only encourage me.

Of course, every true born Englishman considers himself, his deep down true self, to be eccentric. For example, I sometimes do up my tie with a single Windsor: I'm a bit mad, me! (And I know ten ways to work a to-do list.)

Anyway I thought ZebrasOfColor would approve. I do hope they don't mind my spreading their lovely pic.