Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blog challenge - Permission to blog, sir? Draft 2

Carry on, blogger. You don't need my permission. Here are some other things you don't need to do.

1. Complete every post in a single sitting

I'll share my drafts on this one to give you an idea of how you can develop a perfectly acceptable post by easy stages. This "little and often" technique is a favourite of task management guru Mark Forster [link]. (Q: How many years of your life can you devote to ways of working through a list? A: quite a lot, it transpires. But I digress).

2. Be perfect

A perfect post can slip through the reader's brain without leaving a trace. Sometimes you need a few rough edges to get a grip on. My posts list is littered with drafts which I polished all the life out of. Unpublishable.
Ace chansonnier Leonard Cohen once said that one snatch from one of his songs (link to "Anthem") captured pretty much his whole philosophy of life.
There's a crack, a crack in everythingThat's how the light gets in 

3. Be clever

4. Write prose

Obviously, you can drop in pictures, video and music (Toad Lickers).
The post I am proudest of is a piece of doggerel verse 
Or sometimes a simple list, like this series (link) from the excellent Nicholas Bate
5. Work it all out for yourself
6. Know where the next post will take you