Thursday, April 12, 2012

OK: this Google plus redesign thingy

At first I didn't really see the problem: with G+ on my venerable HP1530 screen, you get a bit of whitespace below the "you may know" area, but nothing stupid. (Though chat is HORRIBLE)

But my stream is full of whining, overprivileged technojunkies. Either that or I'm not seeing the whole picture. Which looks sort of OK on a larger monitor, until you scroll down.

Then you see that half of the viewing area has clearly been reserved for... something.

Though I choose to believe that it is already being used for subliminal messages, and that in the Googleplex this referred to, with a sly grin, as the HypnoSpace.
I suspect it's the number of horizontal pixels rather than the orientation. I lose the contacts bar around 1300. Since my monitor is an ancient HP 1530, which is less than that in Landscape, I was not seeing the whole glory of the HypnoSpace.

No doubt one of the reasons I got those headaches last night was that I was subconsciously trying to process truncated subliminal messages.

I have one of those new fangled windows PCs, so I can shrink the window yet further.

The only thing that will save us is that the Google Geeks are incapable of comprehending the concept of a screen more than two years old, so the army of the Brainwashed Chosen will eventually be defeated by a rag tag band of cheapskates people who spend their money on real life.

A man can dream...


  1. Rats: that's what comes of drafting a post in G+ and then moving to Blogger (The G+ picture handling isn't quite there yet).

    Does anyone know an easy way to fix the text background colour? (Last time, I went through the HTML line by line, but life is too short).

    1. Try using the visual editor on Blogger, it has an option for it. Worst case scenario select everything then press the "Remove Formatting" button.

    2. Thanks, Jenson: remove formatting was the answer.