Friday, November 20, 2009

The folded A4 list

I have wasted invested a lot of time following various time management gurus. There are two reasons for this deeply dysfunctional behaviour.

  1. They and their followers are generally nice people with interesting things to say on a wide range of list related subjects and
  2. The whole idea of wasting time on efficiency just fills me with silent laughter that sustains me when the real world gets unfunny.
There are two tactical reasons for keeping a list of things to do:
  1. When you are interrupted with a new task (a thought of your own or someone else asking for your help), you can write it on the list instead of breaking off whatever you are doing and
  2. You always have something to do
People write their lists on computers, notebooks, loose leaf pads and all sorts of things. But...there are few things less helpful than a list that is somewhere you aren't. If I'm walking the dog or gardening or shopping and suddenly have a thought, I will forget it before I get to my computer or my A4 notebook in my study.

But a sheet of A4 paper folded three times to A7 will fit in any pocket and hold any thoughts, distractions and tasks until I get back to base.